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Eating Raw Take #2


As predicted, I completely blew my raw diet this weekend…

Friday, I drank many ales and at 3 o\’clock in the morning I lost complete control of the battle and acquired, then quickly consumed 2 fried chicken breasts from The Palace of Fried Foodstuffs.

Saturday brought more savagery when I feasted on a burger laden with strips of bacon(no cheese though…) and pies made of spinach. Saturday faded into Sunday with 3 slices with pepperoni from Carmine\’s. The massacre finally ended with a milanesa de pollo torta and some Yeungling lagers on Sunday night.

Oh yeah, and a bag of Newman O\’s (organic oreos type cookies)

Bro, I fucked up…

It was weird, but none of this food really satisfied me. I think I ate out of anxiety or something. It kind of gives me hope for this week.

Anyways, it\’s Monday and I am back on track.


  • Lots of water
  • Watermelon Slices


  • Organic Green Salad with Baby Carrots, Spinach, Plum Tomatoes and Broccoli
  • More Water
  • More Watermelon

While looking up cat paintings, I stumbled upon painted cats:
(the charlie chaplin is especially disturbing)







Q: What kind of fucked up bizarre people would do this?

A: Probably these douchebags…


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